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Hot Shots

At the fundamental level within our Development Pathway, Vahland Tennis Academy utilises the Tennis Australia ‘Hot Shots’ program. The ‘learning through play’ philosophy is designed to assist students in developing fundamental skills such as coordination, balance, agility, speed, ball and racquet control. Additionally, students will develop social skills through learning and competing with their peers through various on court activities which will lead to the fostering of friendships with fellow students.

Hot Shots stages consist of:

  • Blue: Ages 3 – 5

  • Red: Ages 5 – 8

  • Orange: Ages 8 – 12

  • Green: Ages 10 – 14

Through programs such as Hot Shots, we have been able to introduce children to the game of tennis using modified racquets, balls and court sizes and, with the various stages (blue, red, orange & green) providing both children and parents with a clearly defined development pathway.

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